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This article outlines the procedures for configuring LACP. The following is a simplified version of diagram example for LACP. We will provide LACP configuration based on the diagram.

Diagram Example:


In this case, we are trying to form a single Ethernet link from two or more Ethernet links. Also, this configuration is required to:
1. Increase capacity by balancing traffic across the member links to provide aggregated throughput.
2. Provide link redundancy when/if one or more member links is down.


As illustrated above, there are two configured LAN subnets on port 3 and 4 respectively. Assuming LACP on the participating Switch is ready, follow the steps below to complete the configuration for LACP for these 2 ports:

Step 1: Navigate to Network > LACP > ADD and select the interfaces for LACP

Step 2: Network > LACP configuration is done as follows:

Step 3: On LAN, the setting is as follows: