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Q-Balancer 150
Q-Balancer 300D
Q-Balancer 300
Q-Balancer 500
Q-Balancer 2000

>  Unbreakable Business Continuity 
Through load balancing traffic across WAN links of any type, enterprises get 99.99 % network uptime, and critical applications are assured to work in case the main line fails...Learn More >>

>  MPLS Augmentation or Replacement
Replace or augment MPLS connectivity by connecting types of WAN transports and effectively distributing traffic across them while preserving quality and bandwidth...Learn More >>

>  Cost Saving
Leverage low-cost broadband connections and migrate non-critical or internet-bound traffic from expensive MPLS links to broadband connections. Protect business continuity against WAN outages, which leads to a lot of economic damages to business as it directly causes loss on sales revenue...Learn More >> 

>  Application Delivery
Find best path for critical applications and/or effectively distribute traffic across available paths based on the characteristics of applications and status of all WAN links...Learn More >>

>  Central Management
All units covered by QBCare is provided with cloud management service, which is incorporated with powerful features such as zero-touch provisioning, management, monitoring, and reporting...Learn More >>

>  Hassle-Free installation
Changing legacy configuration in order to add new network devices in business network is really a hassle as troubles might be caused, and therefore almost every Q-Balancer was deployed transparently...Learn More >>

>  Responsive Support
We are glad to responsively help our partners get the issues solved and the deals done because we love to work closely with our partners, listen to them. By working with partners, we understand that we are also benefited from making our product better and stronger.

>  Credibility
We have successfully deployed thousands of Q-Balancer devices in more than 20 countries through strong cooperation with channel partners since 2003.

>  Enterprise-Grade Scalability
Q-Balancer is able covers a wide range of market sectors as its nearly unlimited bandwidth throughput and number of WAN links supported.

>  Reliability and Stability
The product is built with robust firmware running on the hardware, which is designed in industrial standard. Once the Q-Balancer device is deployed, no need to worry about the internet connectivity since day one.

>  Keep Moving Forward
We continuously work on the Q-Balancer product to make it meet the customer's need in all respects. We love to hear suggestions from you to make our products better.

>  Free Trial
You get a 14-day license on virtual environment for free via our resellers. Free-of-charge for you to conduct PoC (Proof of Concept), product training, and demonstration to you or your customers.