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Extending Your Network to the Cloud
Enterprises need a solution that can be flexibly deployed in a private or public cloud, where it works a headend gateway; sometimes they need a instant deployment for an edge gateway. For the deployment like single-site network, a instant and scalable solution on premise is needed to utilize bandwidth of internet connections from multiple providers for a high-speed connectivity. For the deployment of site-to-site VPN network, a solution is needed to be flexibly deployed as a VPN bonding hub or branch device. All these deployments need flexibility.


Virtual Appliance

>  Q-Balancer Virtual Appliance
Deploy the virtual Q-Balancer as a central hub in the local datacenter or private/public cloud anywhere. The deployment of virtual Q-Balancer enables enterprises to benefit from SD-WAN services as they migrate application delivery from corporate servers to cloud based services; branch networks can combine internet connections from multiple service providers to create a high-speed connection between branch and central hub. The throughput levels from 2 to 20 Gbps via software license upgrade is supported, and the upgrade to desired performance level is simple and fast. The software can be quickly downloaded, installed and configured to meet the dynamic business requirements whenever needed.

Top Benefits
>  Faster and flexible deployment
>  Mitigated impact from disaster recovery
>  Reduced cost
>  Flexible license